Friday, May 22, 2009

Crushing on ...

Bret & Jemaine of Flight of the Conchords. Ryan and I went to their SLC concert/show last week and it was great. They are seriously some of the funniest people out there. Arj (Dave from pawn shop on FotC) was their opening act and was pretty funny. We were on the exact center of the front row in the 3rd tier balcony. Surprisingly, they were pretty decent seats.


They played songs from season 2 (sugalumps, carol brown, too many dicks on the dance floor, hurt feelings, etc) a couple songs we didn't know, and a couple songs from season 1 (the humans are dead, mutha' uckas, business time, alby the racist dragon, Bowie, most beautiful girl). I was hoping for more from season 1, but I won't complain. It was a blast seeing them perform live. Their stage setup is minimal (as you can see from the picture & video I took). The best was when they got up and started dancing while singing sugalumps. As we were driving home I asked Ryan, "If you had to crush on one of them, who would it be?" We both had the same answer: each rocks for different reasons, but in the end Jemaine beat out Bret, but just barely, and I do mean barely (his deep voice gave him that extra edge). We got a killer screenprint poster and some fun magnets for the kids (yes, my kids are deeply engrained in FotC and love the Mermaid song). I was hoping for an awesome wolf, eagle, or bear tee (ode to Brett's fab wardrobe) but alas the shirts were super (and I do me SUPER) lame. So, would I go again? In a HEARTBEAT!!!  Nextime maybe I'll be the girl that Bret tries to pull up onstage during Sugalumps, or the girl who Jemaine does an aerial kick over her head. Oh, sigh.

I have to say that going to dinner at Red Rock Brewery and then hitting the show reminded me of when Ryan and I were dating. We both used to live downtown (just 1 1/2 blocks from each other) and we loved it there. How fun it was to be in walking distance of so many great places to eat, to shop, and just stroll. I'll admit, sometimes I miss living downtown and I wonder what life would be like today if we had bought the darling 3 bedroom, 3rd floor apartment we had looked at off south temple and 800 east instead of the house in Sugarhouse when we first got married. 

A HUGE thanks to my brother Ben and his fiance Karen for watching the kids for us. It's always nice to have a night out with the hubby and remember why I fell in love with him in the first place. I definitely can't wait for our trip (sans kids) to Chicago in a few weeks.

On a final note, Ryan and I decided to come up with our fave FotC songs as we disagreed with alist that was posted online somewhere. If you are familiar with FotC this list will make sense, if not, then you NEED to become a fan. What are your fave FotC songs/sketches. 

Our TOP 10 ... ok 12 - so hard to choose:
  • If you're into it
  • Mermaids
  • Foux du Fafa
  • Hiphopopotamus
  • Carol Brown
  • Hurt Feelings
  • the Humans are Dead / Robots (ryan's cell ringtone)
  • Business Time
  • Bret, you got it going in on
  • K.I.S.S.I.N.G (a kiss is not a contract)
  • Bowie
  • Most beautiful girl
So for other FotC fans out there, what are your faves? 

Also, if you like Jemaine, you have to see Eagle vs. Shark and Tongan Ninja. Both are worth the watch, especially Eagle vs. Shark.

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Emily said...

That sounds like so much fun!!! I'm so jealous! My favorite is "Brett you've got it goin' on" and any of their raps, it's all so hilarious!
I'm so glad you had fun!