Monday, May 4, 2009

Sewing Night prep

My good friend Mel and I are having our first sewing night this Thursday and I am SOOO excited! It's something we are going to do quarterly, so 4 times a year. Our first project is a reversible skirt for the girls. Because I'm miss cheapy pants and didn't want to buy a pattern, I decided to make a "trial" skirt this morning. You know, just to make sure that what I had in my head would make sense (and work) when teaching it. I had one kink, but other than that all went well. I am so excited to make some more!

Here's the end result, a fun western skirt for Boo (she calls it her yee-haw skirt) that's reversible. It's a little big, but not too much. So I guess she'll get 2 summers out of it! I am trying to decide if I should applique a tee or tank top with a rodeo bronco, paisley, etc. We'll see.

Notice the grumpy face - I had to bribe her with a sucker to get her to put on the skirt


Celeste said...

Girl -- you have TOO much talent! I'm so jealous! I totally think you should do a paisley app. That would be ADORABLE! Will you make me some summer skirts in my size...? lol

Sugar & Spice said...

Do you know what would be SO adorable? Do 4 paisley's to create the shape of a butterfly...know what I mean?

aj&e said...

cynthinia, you are mad talented! i only lament living so far away from you and thus not benefiting from said talents! :)