Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Yeah, I've slacked on my Thankful Thursday's ... deal with it :)

     1. Girls who apparently potty train themselves (more below)
     2. the smell of a fresh cut lawn - mowed by me
     3. sunny but cool days that let us enjoy being outside without breaking a sweat (except when mowing the lawn)
     4. bounce houses to help pass the evening away
     5. a husband who stayed up past midnight watching The Curious Case of Benjamin  Button with me, and didn't mock me when I cried thru most of it, and well after it was over while I lay in bed.

To elaborate on #1 ... I came in from mowing the lawn this morning to find Berlin diaperless (she LOVES taking off her diaper and being naked). I panic and check her bum for poo and ask where her diaper is. She says, "I poo in my green potty." Huh? I check her potty in the bathroom and sure enough there is a good pee in it (she uses the term poo to refer to both pee & poop). We celebrate, give hugs & kisses, and cheer. I think for a fleeting moment that yay - maybe she's ready. Then I remember our long & awful (and still ongoing) potty training experience with Finley and bring myself back to reality and think, now way, she's got atleast another year before she's ready. Not even 15 minutes later she comes over to me and says, "I poo-ing!" and then runs to her potty. She takes off her diaper and goes pee - AGAIN! Twice in one morning? Hooray for us!!! So we set up a new Strawberry Shortcake sticker chart, put 2 stickers on it and she got to pick a treat out of the potty jar.  If this continues & sticks, I'll be the happiest mom alive! I might even consider having a 3rd child! Or not :)


valerie said...

self potty trained just barely after turning 2? congrats mom - that is great news!

Sugar & Spice said...

Her shirt is DARLING! I love her green skirt also. And it sounds like she IS ready. You deserve an easy one after all you have been through with your other potty training experience...:-)

So did you like CCBB???
I told you it was a crying movie...GRRRRR :-)

Celeste said...

Keaton and Cambry were just the opposite. Keaton just decided to start using the potty - Cambry...well, that's another story! Did you like the movie? Would you recommend it?

AJ, Shauna, Keegan and Camden said...

That is fabulous news. I'm jealous, we are still waiting for Keegan to be ready. Even with his new baseball potty (that cheers when you "flush" it) he prefers his diaper. Maybe it's because he doesn't take his diaper off. Oh well, someday, right? Where did you find their sticker charts? I need to get one for Keegan. Maybe it will provide incentive.

Emily said...

Cool bounce house! Where did you guys get that?

Mama Bear said...

Girls are so much easier than boys (sorry S - you have two to work through). Also, love the bounce house!! Have fun this weekend @ the lake!