Monday, May 11, 2009

Moab & Mother's Day Weekend

Ryan's Uncle Frieder (his mother's brother) was in town from Germany this past weekend. We had the opportunity to go to Moab and spend the weekend with him and with Ryan's sister Teresa (and her little fam). I haven't been to Moab in oh, 13 years and for Ryan it was even longer.  The weather was awesome - perfect for hiking. Saturday morning we did delicate arch, then ate lunch, then tackled 3 arches in Devil's Garden (landscape arch, pine tree arch, and tunnel arch). Finley was an awesome little hiker. Ryan only had to carry him a little bit here and there on Saturday.

After all the hiking on Saturday we went back to the town-home we rented and went swimming in the pool. It was the perfect way to end the day and gear up for Sunday. On Sunday we hiked to the Windows (North & South), Turret Arch, and finally Double arch. On Sunday Finley hiked the entire way without being carried. I was so proud of him.  

I am SOOOO glad that I got him (and Berlin) their own little camelback's. Finley loved it and I think it helped make all the hiking a bit more fun for him - and I loved not having to carry his water. I packed Berlin around the whole time. It was a great workout and wasn't that hard (she's barely 21 lbs), but I won't lie, my shoulders are a bit sore today after 2 days of hiking. Being in the pack she slept most of the time which was awkward at times as she would place her head right in the crook of my neck, making it a bit hard to hold my head up completely straight. Berlin of course would have prefered hiking all on her own, but after letting her walk for a bit I realized we'd be there all day & well into the night. 

Even though the trip wasn't for me, it was a great way to spend mother's day ... with Ryan and the kids. Now that we are home, we are all TIRED and taking athe day off to just relax at home. 


Sugar & Spice said...

wow- my hat is off to you for doing all that with her on your back- What a fun family experience!!! how was the town house?

Emily said...
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Emily said...

That looks like so much fun! Moab is great and I'm so glad to hear both of your little kiddies made it alright.
And kudos for carrying Berlin on your back! :)