Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"alimento squisito" is Italian for ...

delicious food!

After a girl's night out last month to the Spaghetti Factory, I was inspired to make some felt pasta. My fave is the bowtie pasta. I used my Stampin' Up BigShot die cutter to cut scalloped circles out of the felt, then pinched the center and stitched. Wha la - literally.

The fettucini was super easy too, I just took 2 pieces of felt and stitched straight lines a 1/4" apart. Then cut in between the stiched lines (this just gives the fettucine more weight - you could just cut strips 1/4 inches apart if you like). Wha la ... la la!

The marinara sauce is just scraps of red felt from a Christmas Project (still unfinished of course) randomly stitched together.

Hungry yet?

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