Friday, June 12, 2009

Freaky Friday

this past week I haven't been feeling so hot. Dizziness, nausea, hot & cold flashes, and severe pain along the back of my head (literally it's all tender and sore, like someone hit me in the back of the head with a baseball bat). I'd just been writing it off as exhaustion or something as we had just returned from a trip to Chicago where we exhausted ourselves at Museums, Baseball games, US Soccer games, river boat tours, lots & lots of shopping, lots of yummy eating, movies, and more.

But when I woke up this morning to find myself covered in a rash from chest to toe, I knew it wasn't just my body trying to re-cover. So, I went to the Doctor fearing a gazillion things (shingles, west nile virus, reaction to a venemous spider bite, meningitus, eventually even a brain tumor, cancer, etc).

Turns out I am allergic to Sulpha (not sure of the exact name, but the Dr. said to just remember that I'm allergic from here on out to Sulpha). I had taken it for an UTI last week yet for whatever reason the rash didn't appear until now.

Thank heavens for antihistamenes and steroids - may they work faster than normal, lest I scratch my itchy self to death. Here I am in all my red, splotty, itchy gloriousness. And this is nothing. It's now spread up my face, the one spot that didn't have it earlier.

So, Sulpha meet Penicilan. Penicilan meet Sulpha. You two are forever engraved in my medical charts under the "Allergic to" section. May you become great friends and may I never encounter you again.


Celeste said...

YIKES!!! Good thing you found out what it was! I hope that penicilln works QUICKLY!!!

Emily said...

I'm allergic to Sulpha too! Sorry to hear that you had to find out in such an uncomfortable way!

Hoopesfam4 said... sorry to hear about your painful allergic reaction. I know exactly how you were feeling though...I found out about my allergy the same way you did...after having it prescribed for a UTI. I sure hope you're feeling better. Sending hugs!!