Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In celebration of ...

our recent anniversary, Ryan and I headed to Chicago. Ryan's friend, Patrick, is finishing up his doctorate out there so we hung with him before having a couple days to ourselves. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel on Michigan Ave. Being our anniversary they upgraded us to the king suites up on the penthouse level (34th floor). They room & view were amazing (and the bathroom was twice the size of our bathroom here at home)!

The highlight of the trip by far was the US Soccer World Cup Qualifier game versus Honduras at Soldier Field. We had killer seats (2nd row about 38th yard line). It was such an exciting game and despite the predominately Honduras fan base, the US kicked their butt and won the match. We were screaming and cheering so loud that the next day our voices were gone.

We also attended a White Sox game which turned out to be the most boring game ever. They lost in record time (score was 6-0) yet still did a fireworks show at the end. Ummmm ... I guess celebrating a big loss is cool.This is us at the lamest game ever.

We took an Architectural Boat Tour of the river. It was the ony time that it rained while we were in Chicago. Lucky for me, my sweet man bought me a $2 poncho. And lucky for us it stopped shortly after the tour began. This was the morning after the US soccer game. Can you tell we were so tired? Note to self, book the later tour next time.

The Institute of Art museum was also on our list of to-do's. It was fun going thru the museum with Ryan and partaking of all his knowledge. I think it's pretty safe to say that I do NOT like modern art. I had fun mocking most everything in the modern section. I can't believe what some people consider art. Seriously, dumping a pile of rocks in the middle of the floor is not art. This is us waiting outside on the front steps of the museum.

And of course we ate lots & lots of yummy food: BBQ at Fat Willy's, Burgers at Blackey's, Culver's in Indiana when we went to the outlet's, and more. But the best meal I had was breakfast at Orange in Boystown. Ryan got this yummy Rosemary Almond Orange french toast (to DIE for) and I got the Green Egg's and Ham (pesto, mozarella, tomato, prosciutto egg dish). It was probably the best breakfast I've ever had, hands down.

We also splurged at the outlets (not in Chicago, but just over the border in Indiana - an
hour drive). I got a new bag from the Fossil outlet that I've been waiting and waiting and waiting to get. No more waiting :) Plus a new outfit from JCrew outlet. Ryan scored at the Puma outlet with a wetsuit hooded track jacket and some sneaks. You know, cause, all anniversaries deserve celebrating with gifts to ourselves :) Overall, it was a fabulous trip and when it was all over, we were very happy & eager to come home and be with our kiddos.

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Celeste said...

How fun!!! I've never been there, but would love to go someday! I'm jealous you had a trip with no kiddos!