Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat preview

Last night Finley was refusing to go to bed, so I told him that Halloween couldn't come until he was asleep and that when he woke up it would be Halloween. That did the trick as he was in bed within minutes. And the first thing he asked for this morning was to get his costume on. So I decided to let them get all dressed up in their costumes and watch a movie & eat popcorn while I make sugar cookies to decorate tomorrow while we carve our pumpkins (I know we will be a day late on that but we are playing catch-up from a busy week). I'm a little biased but I think they'll be the cutest trick-or-treaters to grace my porch tonight.


AJ, Shauna, Keegan and Camden said...

If you are biased than so am I because I have to agree with you. They will be the cutest kids on the block, and don't worry about the pumpkins...we haven't carved ours either, although Keegan did get his Pirate Pumpkin put together. We love you and have been thinking about you all week.

HoopesFam4 said...

Such cute did an awesome job on the costumes. I can't get enough of your adorable kids. Love you!!