Friday, October 24, 2008

In LOVING Memory

Ryan's father, Peter, returned to the care of our Heavenly Father early this morning. He has had a long history with heart and lung failure and after getting a cold, his poor, tired body just couldn't hang on any longer.

It was difficult seeing him in the hospital with a gazillion tubes and monitors attached to him, but I'm so grateful that Ryan and I were able to be by his side these past couple days and spend some quiet moments together with his family, and especially that we were able to say goodbye in our own way and to hold his hands as he passed.

I know that he was greeted with joy & love by lots of family & friends, and I'm sure it was a sweet reunion with his wife Renate who left his side over 15 years ago. Peter was the most generous, kind, and honorable people I've ever met. And one of the most patient and brave, for he never complained once about being sick. He worked hard and played hard. He was a young soul in an old body, and I'm grateful that he is now able to live life as intended, fully & with much joy.

I'm grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for the blessings of eternal families and the comfort that we can find in these teachings & promises. Especially over the next couple months as Ryan and his family deal with this loss.


Shalyse said...

my heart goes out to your whole family! What a blessing the gospel is in our lives. It is such a comfort.

Shelby said...

Cynth- I'm so sorry for Ryan and your entire family. I am in shock. I didn't realize how serious his hospitalization was. We are thinking of you all and pray you will feel comfort and peace. We love you guys!