Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spooktacular Decorations

I am a little embarassed to say that the house is still a mess, dishes to be done, floors to mop, kid clothes to sort, laundry to do & to fold, shelves to hang, etc., but I needed a break yesterday. So I decided to make something festive for Halloween - after all, I'm still trying to remember what box has all my old Halloween decorations and where it is. Needless to say my house is lacking in spooky & fun decor. Anywhoo - this is a Making Memories banner kit I got at Roberts. Being that it was a kit it was super fast and I think the result is pretty cute. A perfect fit for the 14 foot archway between the sunroom and family room. It says, "All Hallows Eve."

We also made these trashbag ghosts. They were a big hit last year so we did them again and we placed them outside on the porch railing, on the lamp-post and in the little maple tree. Everytime we leave the house Berlin says, "Bye Ghosts!" and when we return she says "Hello Ghosts!" They are apparently the best of friends. This is our topsy turvy ghost who got stuck like this in the wind. When Finley saw him he shouted to Ryan, "What the heck happened to him?!" I think he's pretty cute all upside down.

Quite frankly, Halloween was never my favorite Holiday, but having kids who like to hang up silly decorations makes it SOOO much funner. And honestly, it's slowly climbing the ranks of fun holidays in my book.

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Shelby said...

where did you find that kit? I love it. I am on the look out for a Happy Birthday Banner for Weston's upcoming event. Have you seen any? I might attempt to make one, but why reinvent the wheel? I have also seen dang cute fabric ones. Also, I decided to order the PB costume, only for them to tell me it's out of stock a week later. So, I'm back to fretting over being crafty. I might be calling for suggestions, again!! Love you Spooky Pooks! presh