Saturday, July 19, 2008

Super Spectacular 100th Post & FREE blog candy!!!

Yep - it's our 100th post and to celebrate I'm offering free blog candy to those who respond with a super-fabulous & nice comment (cause we all need to hear something fabulous & nice about ourselves don't we?). You have one week from today (end of day July 26th) to respond. One lucky winner will get a handmade creation of their choosing from my arsenal of goodies.

* * * * *
Being our 100th post I thought I would save this exciting bit of information for the event:


Yes, that's right. We are moving. Our house is under contract and if the inspection goes well on Monday then we will have officially sold our home, and in record time (we listed it with the agent and 2 weeks later it was under contract). It is bitter-sweet of course. We have put so much work into it and I just love this home. But we know that we need something a little bigger in order for us to grow creatively (I want a room to sew and be crafty, and Ryan needs an art room to design, paint & illustrate). Though I will miss the neighborhood, I won't cry about leaving behind the next door neighbors to the West (no more S.W.A.T team raids at 2 in the morning).

Once we are moved into Peter's home (the house where Ryan grew up & where we had our wedding reception) I will send along our new address. We have to be out by August 22nd. But until then, here are pics of our sweet little abode (these are the pics from the home listing).


AJ, Shauna and Keegan said...

Not that I'm doing this for the chance at great free stuff (even though that is great incentive), but looking at your pictures I noticed we have the same one (albeit different temples!!). I'm glad you got the one that you had wanted. It looks great where it is now, but I know it will look fabulous in your new place too. The offer for help is still there, even though we are far away. I'm telling you...send the kids down here for a week and we'll totally take care of them! :) We love you and are so excited for you.

Shelby said...

Well, I am going to first make a sweet comment to my sweet friend (because I love you and b/c I love your artistic creations!!). I was reading the comment you posted and on my blog and I thought I would respond with some fun memories of you . . .
1. Eating out at Macaroni Grill, alot. Did we not have a opera singer at our table more than once and just about lose it to laughter?
2. You picking me up in your black honda and us going on bike rides with our new bikes or a nice walk up the canyon. We both got into biking at the same time.
3. You being creative way back then with your crocheting. I have tried it and have had NO luck. You are a natural at it!
4. Watching movies at your house and balling to one in particular (Step Mom whatever it was with Julia Roberts and Susan S).
5. Sipping Hot cocoa on more than one cold, winter nights.
6. Going to see "The Forgotten Carols" with you and "Joseph"
7. Meeting you at Helaman Halls and then at the airport (the first 2 times).
8. I think we really went walking the majority of the time! Good times exercising our bodies and our mouths chatting!
9. Playing the game that inspired your nickname, "POOKS!"
I love you and think you are wonderful. I think your house is so pretty and you have done a great job with it. I am happy for you that things are moving forward and for the exciting times to come! xoxo presh

Shalyse said...

first of all congratulations on selling your house so quickly!!! that's awesome and I hope you guys find what you are looking for :-) please make lots more of your fabulous creations b/c they are great!!!

and I love your house, it's so cute!!!

happy 100th post!

valerie said...

I'm opting out of the comment contest only because I still owe you for the bib and apron I gave to Whit - BUT - I do want to say thank you for all the fun times we had in that house - thank you for letting me live there when I first moved up to salt lake. I appreciate it more than you know. Good luck in/on the new house. Before you know it, it will be just as cute and warm as this one. CONGRATULATIONS!

Karyann said...

I love your house. the pics are great. Congrats and good luck in your new home. What a fun opportunity to be in the home he grew up in. Good luck in your move, that is the unfun part.

Klausey said...

Am I eligible to win?~

Sugar & Spice said...

Ok, so I LOVED the "favorite memories" idea from Shelby so I also decided to do that...

My ALL TIME favorite memory of us is when we were both working in cottonwood and took our lunch breaks together walking through the beautiful neighborhood on the bench. I LOVED getting to be outside, get exercise and best of all TALK, TALK, TALK.

My second memory come from our belmont 369 days... ELISE!!!! need I say more???!!!- I am sure I dont, but I will- nasty shower curtain, dirty socks, tuna, and last but not least- her "DOUGHNUT"!!!!!!!

And most especially I loved that we have been pregnant literally at the same time, BOTH times! LOVE that our kids get to grow up together!

Thanks for being such a great friend!

Ben said...

Good thing I checked everyone's blog today or I may have missed out on the opportunity to win some candy. :)

You guys really did an amazing job on the house. It is beautiful inside and out but I am happy that you got the home under contract and will be moving to new adventures. Don't forget, my bulging muscles are here to help you in the move. Just let me know when. :)