Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our 4th of July

yeah, so I'm not really on the ball and it's now the 9th and I'm just barely posting about the 4th.

We aren't really parade people so we avoided anything and everything downtown and instead went to the zoo with the kids per Finn's request. It was actually the perfect day to go. The animals were great, the weather decent (hot, but partly cloudy), and there weren't any crowds. It was actually quite barren compared to the crowds during the week. The zoo just opened their new Conservation Carousel and so we took the kids on it. Finley went first and was a bit nervous about the animals so he made Ryan sit on the bench with him. After his turn I took Berlin on and she chose the giraffe. Giraffes are her favorite animal at the zoo these days. She was a bit concerned at first, but once the wheel started she said, "Weeeee" the whole time. And of course after Finley saw Berlin go around on an animal he wanted to go again, and shed some tears when we said that he'd have to wait until next time because he'd already had his turn.

After the zoo we came home ate lunch, took naps, then walked to the Gelatto shop just up the street, then over to the little park across the street from our house and ate the gelatto while the kids played on the playground. Finley was very excited to see the fireworks so he and Ryan walked up to our church and watched the Sugarhouse Park fireworks show from the lawn while I stayed home and put Berlin to bed.

All-in-all it was super low-key. Just the way I like it. In fact it was perfect.

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