Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sooooo close, but still no go

Berlin is 15 months old as of yesterday and she still isn't walking. Not that I'm worried about it, but I am a little tired though of people commenting on the fact that she's 15 months old and not walking yet. Give me a break. Every kid is different and I'm not going to stress about it - unless of course she isn't walking by 18 months. Then I might kind of worry a little bit. But she is getting soooooo close. She loves to stand up & down all by herself and hams it up anytime she does. I think she learned this from Finn because he cheers her on anytime she does so. We also practice walking together inside and outside with her just holding one of my hands. All I know is that she's the cutest stinkin' 15 month old little girl I know. When she's happy, she's happy and is so much fun to be around. Finley's been a little under the weather with a cough, so while he napped yesterday she and I had some fun together time playing with her barking puppies and the kitchen.

This last week we also had the opportunity to go to the Real Salt Lake soccer game. It was lots of fun and the kids were both so well behaved. I think it was good for Finn to see big guys playing soccer amidst all the chaos because he's a bit intimidated by it all at his own soccer games. And after the fiasco that was last weeks soccer game & team pictures (that's a whole other blog), we are just hoping that he'll get on the field this Saturday without tears.


valerie said...

cutest 15-month-old girl indeed!

Hoopesfam4 said...

I concur with Val's remark...Berlin is, by far, the cutest 15-month-old girl ever.