Friday, May 16, 2008

"I did it, Mommy - I did it!"

These were the words coming out of Finn's mouth as he was sitting on the potty Wednesday night. At first I thought he was humoring me, but when I went into the bathroom and checked, sure enough he had gone pee in the potty for the first time ever! I was so proud of him that the cheesy high school cheerleader inside me came out. I was clapping and cheering and jumping and giggling. I was so happy and he ate it all up. He even got to open the long-awaited talking Muck toy (the poor thing has been sitting in the windowsill in the bathroom for the past oh, 9 1/2 months or so).

After 2 accidents today, I was about ready to throw in the towel and put the diaper back on. But I thought, what's 3 accidents at this point? So on went another pair of Thomas the train underwear. Imagine my surprise when I came back in from watering my flowers in the backyard and asked Finn if he was ready to sit on the potty and he responded with a "Yes, I'm ready now." So on he went and sure enough a few minutes later he peed AGAIN! Twice in one week? Again, the inner cheerleader came out and we cheered, clapped, and giggled.

I'm beginning to feel optimistic about this whole potty training thing. I'm sure that will wear off when I look at the laundry that's piled up over the past week from all the accidents, but I'll take the few successful moments he's blessed me with this week and pray for more.


Karyann said...

Her photo shoot is darling! what a little cutie pie! they are getting sooo big.

Hoopesfam4 said...

Congrats on Finn's BIG accomplishment!! I had to laugh, because those are Aiden's exact words after sitting on the potty - "I did it, mama...I DID it!!" Reilly, on the other hand, really has no interest in the potty other than getting to play with an endless supply of toilet paper. I know you were getting frustrated with the lack of interest in this particular area, so just know we're very excited for Finn's progress with the potty!