Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring Soccer - Girl Power

Berlin started her first season of soccer last week. She has been waiting for this moment to arrive forever. We held off putting her in because she is so small and because of the not-so-fun experience we had with Finley when he started soccer at 3. So we waited with Berlin until she was 5 and it was a great decision. No tears or crying on her part, and no bribing on our part. She loves it! Here she is at her first game (she is # 6 on the yellow team) with her sparkly new pink/purple soccer ball. She did great!
(warning - this post has lots of pics)

Pre-game warm-up.

Their two-minute stretch was the funniest thing to watch. Just look at all the funny things going on in the next few pics.

Bend down, touch your toes...

Which one of these is not like the other? Apparently she had enough of that. Looks like all the blood rushed to her head and then she got tipsy when she stood up. Love it!

Jump up! Jump down! Love the little gal on the right  - apparently too much jumping on a full bladder. And our cute little friend & neighbor Spencer to the left of Berlin was jumping his shorts right off! Ha! 

The kid on the far right end is doing a mid-air potty squat.

Game Time Kick-off.

The other little blonde gal on Berlin's team is a soccer prodigy. She scored like 8 goals that game and just ran away with the ball every chance she got. See how Berlin and the other kids are just letting her do her thing. That's team support at it's best right there.


Shin guard show & tell. Berlin and Spencer couldn't stop comparing their uniforms & gear at random times in the game.

Berlin & Spencer reminding each other which goal is their's.

Seriously, is there anything better than watching 4 and 5 year old's playing soccer? I think not. It's just hilarious!

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