Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Fling

The kids had Spring Break last week and we were lucky enough to enjoy it with my preggers Sister and her 3 boys who came up to SLC from San Diego. The first day they were up it pretty much rained which was fine with the kids who just wanted to stay inside and play play play. But the rest of the time we had pretty decent weather. We went hiking, picnicked at the park, played on playgrounds, shopped the new City Creek Center, played at Jungle Jims, had fun in the Church History Museum's kid area, hunted for eggs, and more. 

The hike was just up Ensign Peak. With 5 kids between the age of 1 1/2 and 6 we knew we had to keep it easy. It was a great afternoon for the hikd and picnic dinner.



The one thing my nephews really wanted was snow. On their last day in town they were rewarded with 3 1/2 inches of fresh snow to play in. They were in heaven. Here are our Spring fling picks.


When she wasn't building a snowman, she was trying to eat snow when I wasn't looking. YUCK!

These are from City Creek Center...amazing shopping center. Can't wait to go back with Ryan to shop, eat, and walk around ... without kids!
Ode to Utah statue (Eagle, seagulls, and beehive). We told the kids to make the craziest face ever. Obviously some were crazier (scarier than others).

At the Church History Museum kids area Berlin bee-lined for the dancing station. She LOVES putting on the costumes and learning the dances. 


While she danced, the boys built and destroyed Temples.



He was a grump-a-lump all day. Turns out he wasn't feeling very well. 

Heading home. Love this escalator shot.

And of course, the egg hunt. What is Spring Break without one. They had a great time and got WAY too much candy.



YAY for Easter Egg Hunts!

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Our Family of 5 said...

Keegan is already asking when we get to go back to Utah, and has apparently planned on having another easter egg hunt and snow. I told him the soonest we could do it was summer when everyone was out of school and that we probably wouldn't do an egg hunt, since it wouldn't be close to easter, and since it's summer that means no snow. He couldn't have cared less. He's already counting down the days/weeks/months till summer now. Guess I need to start looking at our schedule! :) Or maybe I need to start looking for a job for AJ and we should just move up there? :)