Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter Sunday

The kids were up late Saturday night so I thought for sure that they would sleep in Easter morning. No such luck.  Berlin was up at the crack of dawn. Literally. And after going in and waking Finley up like 5 times, he finally trudged out of bed. They both came upstairs to see if the Easter Bunny paid a visit. But they didn't find baskets awaiting them. Just baskets for Ryan and I. But they did find a clue on the half empty tray of veggies left out for the EB as to where their baskets were hidden.

Finley wrote a note for the EB asking him to please remember something for Bentley. It was so sweet and of course the EB delivered some bone treats for him.

Finley really wanted to prove that the EB is real. I told him we could leave out some veggies for him to eat and if they were gone that meant he was real. Uh, no. Apparently I am the lamest mom around. Finley stated that would not work and would prove nothing. Ok then. I asked him what would prove the EB existed. Finley  stated very emphatically that a Spy Cam would. We just needed to get one. Uh Yeah. We told him that they were very expensive and where would we get one the night before Easter? He said why not use the video recorder? I told him it only had 2 hours of filming time. What if he came after the filming had stopped? He was  trying so hard to figure something out. Luckily after bedtime routine, he forgot about it. So I opted for my original suggestion and I put out a tray of veggies. The Easter bunny ate about half of them ... he MUST be real!

Mine and Ryan's baskets. I don't like Chocolate Bunnies ... the EB must have remembered that so I was happy to see a "Good n Plenty" bunny instead. The EB rules doesn't she :)

They had to figure out a bunch of riddles to get from one clue to the other (the 1st clue was left on the half eaten veggie tray). This led them on a great hunt through the entire house. It was so fun. The EB started this tradition last year and we love it so we are glad he continued it this year.

Here are all the hidden clues ...



Apparently I forgot to get a picture of #4 ... it was hidden in the fridge!
 Here are the kids finding and reading the clues. They made a great team. 

The last clue took them to our bedroom...the room where we read our scriptures together at night. This is where they found their baskets.

I forgot to get pics of the kids in their new clothes, but here they are laid out for them to find in the morning. They looked so handsome in them. I definitely need to get pictures of them all decked out this week.


I put together some Resurrection Eggs, but we ran out of hours in the day to find them. Note to self, do that FIRST, before all the other stuff. We will definitely do them next year, or maybe for an April FHE - that would work too. They also got a Lamb in their basket. It was a great way to start the discussion of us being lambs and Jesus our Shepherd.

Sacrament was really good and it touched in a way I haven't been touched spiritually in a while. Sometimes I feel like it's all I can do to just get through 3 hours of church. Not being in Primary in Sunday each week has been hard on me. I was used to doing things & moving about during those 2 hours in Primary, so getting used to sitting for 3 hours has not only been rough on the derriere and lower back, but on my attention span. But this Sunday I had no problem listening to the speakers and feeling the spirit. There were even tears in my eyes as I truly felt an outpouring of love for my Savior. It was beautiful. And, at the last minute I was asked to help out in the Sunbeam/CTR 4 class. I love those kids!

That night we had my family over for dinner. My sister Val, Emily & Janweb, and Ben & Karen. It is always so nice to get together and hang out with those we love.

And how cute is this picture by Berlin? It's Jesus Christ praying & atoning for our sins in the Garden of Gethsemane. I love it. It's so sweet and tender and will be a keeper for her art file. I am always amazed at how well the kids remember the things they learn in church, the stuff we read in the scriptures, etc. 

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