Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's a hard life

This past Wednesday I made a pretty great dinner of Parmesan Chicken topped with an avocado tomato shallot salsa and a fresh cucumber bell pepper salad on the side. Finley downed the chicken but refused to eat the cucumber & bell pepper salad. Who knows how many minutes went by, all filled with whining and crying about how mean we are, and that we don't love him, and well  you know, saying all those things that they think are going to hurt us and make us change our mind. But no. We were standing our ground. The rule in our house is you eat what I make, no exceptions and no separate/individual meal plans.  Ryan remarked sarcastically that Finley's life was so hard. All he had to do was eat a delicious salad (that Finley has eaten before and usually chows down willingly) - boo hoo! 

Ryan continued by saying that life was much harder than being asked to eat a vegetable salad and he told Finley to try digging a hole outside for the new trees we got. Now that's hard work. 

Finley, not to be outdone said, "Ok. I want to dig the hole instead. That's not hard at all." So he went and did just that ... all in the pouring rain. 


Did he dig a hole? ... Not really. 
Did he get soaking wet? ... Yes! 
Did he think it was fun? ... Totally - and he went out the next day after school to continue digging the hole. 
Did he get out of eating his bell pepper salad? ... No way Jose. After he came back in and dried off, I told him to sit down and eat the salad. He did so, but not happily.

Berlin now seems to think that digging holes is the best punishment ever and asked for the same punishment later that night after throwing a fit about cleaning up. And she was out there the next day with Finley fighting over the shovel. Sweet. Life is truly good and filled with humor isn't it :)

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