Saturday, June 12, 2010

Coco Loco Popsicles - update

I bought the goods, I made them, I've tried them ... and the verdict is: not so divine. I followed the recipe exactly and I have to say that they are very bland. Even Ryan said they needed a bit of sugar or something to sweeten it up and enhance the flavors of the ingredients (and he usually thinks most things are over-sweetened).

Here's a pic of all the ingredients. The recipe called for unsweetened coconut milk, but I think next time I'll look for sweetened (if it exists). I also used fresh pineapple and chopped it in the Cuisinart and now I wonder if using canned crushed pineapple would make it sweater too? The mint leaves are from my garden. The most expensive ingredient was by far the ground cardamom spice. I had a hard time finding it and when I did, it wasn't cheap($12.99).

I could only eat 1/2 a Popsicle so I have a feeling my kids aren't going to go for them either. But not all is lost, I am determined to work on this and make it better. Yay for food experiments!

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