Friday, June 4, 2010

Bear Lake 2010

Oh yes, it's that time again when we start going to Bear Lake. Finley has been asking for about 3 months when he can go to the cabin. So, we went up and opened the cabin last weekend. The weather wasn't so great but that didn't matter as we knew this was mostly a cleanup weekend. If Ryan's cousins hadn't been up too, our kids would have been bored out of their mind as Ryan and I spent most the time cleaning the cabin, mowing lawns, and cutting down dead branches/limbs from the bushes surrounding the place. The latter hasn't been done in oh, about 15 years, so there was more than we expected. And we didn't even come close to finishing.

It didn't help that it started raining. Then we discovered a robin's nest in one of the bushes and I was nervous because the two little babies were waiting for their mom and I didn't want them to starve so when I saw the mom hovering by with food in her mouth I told Ryan and he stopped so they could be together. I just didn't want the death of two babies on my conscience. It slowed us down, but that's ok. There will be plenty of time to finish this next weekend.

Our usual hike along the Limber Pines trail was a no go because it was still covered in snow. So we went on a drive instead. But we did get down to the water - bundled up in sweatshirts and pants. It was still fun though and we are excited for more trips this summer. I love that we have the opportunity to go up as much as we do.


Sugar & Spice said...

great pics!!!!!!!!!!!!

valerie said...

you guys should take a family pic at the lake/cabin this year - it would be perfect - i love berlin's photo looking at her feet as she stands in the water

Shelby said...

what cute pics. Berlin is a little petite, girly girl!! Looks like you have a fun summer awaiting. We are just starting to get some warmer temperatures and a reprieve from rain. Weird! When are you coming to OR??!! : )

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

Beautiful blog, I'm your latest follower!