Monday, June 14, 2010

Bear Lake Weekend #2

Since our first weekend at the cabin was rained out, we went up again to clear out more brush/bushes/trees and to fix a leaky valve on the water heater. Sunday was AWESOME weather so I took the kids to the beach while Ryan fixed the said water heater.

I'm glad we got the beach day in because of course it was cold, super windy, and eventually rained most of Monday. Which means we got to play lots of board games, read books, watched movies, saw deer in the yard, watched birds, and just chilled inside - except Ryan, he kept working outside, even in the rain. He unearthed this little gem:

raccoon? skunk? Definitely one of the two!

Of course, we did sneak in a little hike first thing Monday morning before it rained. Here's the kids on the trail eating their mid-hike snack (fruit leather, trail mix, and capri suns).

Tuesday was a bit nicer so we decided to head up to Minnetonka cave with the kids. This was their first cave visit. Berlin had to be carried the entire time. I carried most the way up and Ryan did the rest. Exhausting! Finley walked, and though his little legs got tired near the end (lots & lots of stairs to go up & down), he was a trooper and did awesome. We speculated if this cave was used by Batman, but Finley deduced that it wasn't because the bat jet wouldn't fit inside. He's one smart cookie. Speaking of bats, we saw plenty and they were kinda cute. Thank heavens the chihuahua sized rats didn't appear - that would have freaked me out.

After the cave, Ryan went back to work on the yard (bless his heart) and I took the kids to the beach for a couple hours. Then we headed home around 8:30pm. It was a long & productive weekend for Ryan and it feels great to have the Spring Cleanup pretty much done. Next time, he can enjoy himself a little more.

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Emily said...

It looks like you all had a great time! What are you going to do with your racoon skull? :)