Sunday, June 13, 2010

Check, Check, DONE!

Here are some of the projects that I've crossed off my to-do list the past few weeks/months. I need to pat myself on the back because I have a gazillion more projects staring me down!

1. Oilcloth chair covers for a friend who was moving to Chile. I think they turned out great and am thinking about making some for our kitchen chairs too.

2. Re-paint the upstairs guest bathroom walls & cabinet

before we moved in: the renters who were in the house before we moved in left this house in shambles. It was so disgusting. Check out the ceiling shot of this bathroom. We had it all scraped off and treated for mold since it the black stuff was all over the ceiling. Lucky us.

after we moved in: We took down the light fixture, painted it yellow, and had the tiled walls & countertop sprayed white by Miracle-method. But we hated the yellow paint the minute we saw it on the walls and I've been meaning to re-paint it for the past year. Sorry no picture of the mess.

now: I finally used the rainy cold weather to paint the walls. The ceiling still needs a little touch-up, but I'm happy with it. I just used the same paint that is in the hall & kitchen so it flows well. Ryan wanted the lighter taupe in the family room, but since I did the painting myself, he lost :)

I also decided to paint the cabinets because they were just ugly old wood (as in the before we moved in picture). Since we plan on remodeling the bathroom from floor up when we do the kitchen/formal dining room in a few years, I figured I'd do a fun color and I'm very happy with the way it turned out.
We also got the new mirror installed which meant Ryan could FINALLY get our light fixture put up - a year later of course. Yay for having light in the bathroom :)

3. Clean out the barn - I wish I had a before picture to do an after picture justice, but oh well. Ryan and I busted our butts this weekend getting the barn cleaned out and organized (as much as it could be) before our dumpster was collected. All I can say is that we packed that dumpster FULL! The only thing left is to take the hundreds of oil cans, gas cans, random chemicals, paint thinner, old tires, and paint cans left by the renters to the waste treatment center.

Of course, this checked item just leads to more "to-do's" have we uncovered lots of old fun furniture/shelves that I am dying to re-paint and re-purpose. I'll have pics of those project before & afters soon - or once the weather clears up.


Jen Howick said...

I LOVE that you are posting your projects. I want to see more more more! ;) It all looks awesome!

valerie said...

it's incredible to see how far the house has come - you've done the same if not more to this house as the one before - what a great, cute, cozy little home! although, really did you have to get rid of the psychodelic paint job in the room downstairs - that. was. AWESOME.