Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time Flies ... slideshow

I finally charged my camera battery, which has been dead for some time, and found these cute pics on the memory card. I totally forgot that I had them on there.

January - The first Monday of each month the Museum of Natural History up at the U is free. So Ryan and I took the kids and met up with some friends of ours. The kids had a ball. I loved that it wasn't that crowded. Even better, we went to the Pie afterwards and ate some YUMMY salad & pizza. Yum yum.

February - We took the kids down to the "free" part of the Clark Planetarium at the Gateway. It was a little more crowded than we had expected, but the kids enjoyed it none-the-less. Finley loved the Newton's Dream ball coaster and watched it with Ryan forever. He didn't like the full sized astronaut suit - said it was scary. But both kids loved the big Moon, the Mars walk, the Moon walk, and the weather station.

February - Berlin's birthday is this weekend, but we celebrated with Ryan's side of the family at FHE this past Monday. Here she is with Lynne in the "hot seat", blowing out her candles on top of her strawberry cupcake trifle, and showing off her princess tiara, wand, and sash from Aunt Teecee. Berlin is very excited to have her first official big-girl party this weekend.

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Jen Howick said...

oh good, you guys made it to the Clark Planetarium, kinda fun for free, huh? Cute pics of everything! I'll have to steal your pics from the Museum of all the kidlets... and happy bday to cute Berlin!