Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm hooked

on ZUMBA ... it is so much fun!!!

I'll admit, I was really REALLY nervous about going for the first time last night. I kept thinking I'd be the lame old lady in the corner of the room looking like a dork. But instead I was pleasantly surprised to discover that 50% of the people were moms my age and older. And then I found myself not only keeping up with the 16-18 year old teenage girls, but doing better than most. That's right, this 34 year old momma of two's inner cheerleader busted out tonight. Who knew I could still throw it down like I did 18 years ago? Isn't it amazing how little things like this boost our self-esteem? Silly, but it did. I'm already looking forward to next Tuesday.

Here's to feeling 16 again.


Sugar & Spice said...

you GO girl! :-)

Jen Howick said...

good for you! I can't wait to join you in another 6 weeks! Fun times!