Saturday, February 27, 2010

Man of the House

Ryan was on an overnighter with the scouts (winter camp). Apparently he had a chat with Finley about how he would be gone and that Finn would have to step it up as man-of-the-house. Let me tell you, he took this new role very seriously. He came into my bedroom with Berlin to wake me up. Then tells me that Berlin specifically asked him if she could watch Star Wars IV and since dad said he was man of the house now, he told her it was ok. I was a bit skeptical about how that really went down with Berlin, but just as I look at him, he gives me the thumbs up, and says, "I'm an awesome dad huh."

I have to say, that it was pretty great. I got him to clean up his toys, help Berlin get a drink, get dressed without a fight, put away his dirty clothes, and more - just by mentioning that these are man-of-the-house chores. So yes, he was an awesome "dad."

my little man of the house


Jen Howick said...

maybe he needs to be man-of-the-house more often! sounds cute!

aje&h said...

he is so adorable. squishable. little. man.