Friday, February 12, 2010

Our little Boo-Bird slideshow

turned 3 this weekend. and I've been thinking a lot lately about her birth (how freakin' easy it was) as well as the blessing Ryan gave her. I've read over it a couple times this past week and so many of the things he said are so very true.

"That you may have a wonderful friendship with all of us especially with your brother Finley. That both of you may always watch out for one another. We also bless you with a relationship of trust and love with your parents. And that you will always bring peace and joy to them...."

Warning to the reader, this is a LONG post. So bear with me. But Boo is all of the things above and more. She truly is a good sister and friend to Finley. She loves him and watches out for him in every way. She always makes sure that if I buy her a treat at the store while Fin is at preschool, that I get him one too. She is so good at sharing her toys with him and giving him loves when his feelings are hurt. She takes after me and loves to just have me hold her an rub her back, her arms, her legs (she most definitely takes after me in this regard.) I love when she showers me with kisses for no reason, snuggles with me on the couch, and makes goofy faces at the dinner table. She is so fun to talk to, sings the silliest songs of her own making, loves to dance, and be chased around the house. I'm not saying she's easy & perfect. There are days when she overwhelms me; especially when she demands a lot of personal attention - it can be wearing at times. But she makes it worth our while by doling out smiles, giggles, and lots of laughter. I wouldn't trade her for anything. I am so grateful for her spunky personality, the sassy crusty looks she gives people, and her sense of humor. I love my little Boo-bird.

Here she is at her bday party today. We had little sunbeams over to celebrate Ballerina Style. After getting the girls all dolled up with ballerina crowns, new tutus, nail polish, and lip gloss, we sat down and read Angelina Ballerina. They acted out all the twirly whirly actions in the story. Then we had a mini ballet class where we learned 1st, 2nd and 3rd position, plies, curtsies, arabesques etc. Then they got to dance their little hearts to Disney princess music. After cupcakes, oranges, grapes, and M & M's the girls got their bounce on downstairs in the basement. It was a riot. And a big thanks to my sister Val for helping glam up the girls.

After her party we met up with some of my family at the Spaghetti Factory (our kids' favorite place to eat). I asked them to sing to Berlin for her birthday and boy, do I wish I had remembered our video camera. As the 4 waiters and our whole table sang to her, she stared straight ahead, stone cold sober, with the biggest crusty look on her face. She was SO. NOT. HAPPY. For a second there I really thought she would cry, but she didn't. She just glared down all of us (as we chuckled at her) and the folks at the table across from us. It was hilarious - though I'm sure she'll make me pay for it later. This picture, though taken at her party, shows exactly how her face was at dinner when we sang to her. I love this picture.

Then we came home and had a nice quiet evening opening a few presents from Finley, Ryan, and I. Here she is opening those. I would say that her favorite is the Snow White dress-up. She threw a ROYAL fit (see, I told you she would make me pay for that little singing stint at dinner) when I told her she couldn't sleep in it. An hour later after tears, crying, swearing she wasn't tired, and saying mean things to me, she finally relented and put on a nightgown and went to bed. Good to know she loves it. And despite the fit, I still love her.

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Jen Howick said...

SO cute! Kaitlin had a great time and I'm sure all of the little girls did. WHAT FUN! Thanks for the amazing tutu! Berlin looked absolutely adorable and I LOVE that picture of her with that face that only she can pull... so funny!