Monday, August 31, 2009

These are the days of our lives ...

Just a glimpse at our lives this past week.

We went to the zoo hoping to glimpse the new baby elephant, but she won't be out for another 3-4 weeks. But we weren't too disappointed as we were still able to see the baby giraffe, the 3 lemur tiger cubs, and the baby monkeys.


And of course the Lake. We went up to the cabin last weekend. Ryan's brother Oliver was there with his family celebrating his bday. It was nice to spend time with them and Finley loved all the playtime with his cousins, Brighton & Brandon. It was Stars Wars mania. We had 1/2 a day of sunshine, then 2 days of solid rain. BOOOOOOO! Out of the 5 weekends we've been up there this year, we've had 2 days of sunshine. The rest of the time it's rained. But here's Berlin & Finn chillin' in the little amount of sun we had.
Soccer started last week. We have practices on Mondays and games on Saturdays for the next 2 months. We are trying a different league this year since there was an opening on the team that had 3 members of Finn's sunbeam class already on it. Let's just say that he LOVES it. Not because it's soccer, but because he gets 1 hour with his buddy Logan two times a week outside of church. He thinks this is the greatest.

AND THE BEST PART ... is that I just happened to meet an owner of a Madsen bike at Finn's soccer game on Saturday. You know, that hot little bike I'm totally coveting, yes that's right Coveting with a capital C. Ok, I didn't just happen to meet her. When I saw the blue madsen bike on the playground I made it my business to find out who's bike it was and then went over to ask her a gazillion questions. She was so polite & nice and she even offered to let me (and eventually Ryan) take the bike for a ride. Turns out her husband does their webdesign & blog stuff and is best friends with the owner. All I can say is that after taking hers for a test drive, I am coveting it even more. It's not a matter of "if" I get one, it's when.
My sister Valerie watched the kids so Ryan and I could have a date night out at the movies last week to see Harry Potter. The kids had so much fun with Aunt Val. They walked to the playground, baked cookies and had a bubble bath. I'm so grateful that I have such an awesome sister so close and that my children ADORE her (it's kinda hard not to). Thanks Val.

B is for Bouncing ... There's a fairly new bounce facility in South Jordan (Jumpin' Jacks) by my friend Mel's house. We met up with them last week to check it out and the kids had a blast. The room is huge and had 7 blow-up bounce rooms/slides set up (and 2 others not inflated). We liked it so much that we bought a 1 month unlimited use pass for $20 and are heading out again tomorrow morning. The best part is that it's air-conditioned which, considering how hot & muggy it's been, makes the pass an even better deal.

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Jen Howick said...

ahhh, such cute pics, and I especially love the soccer ones! ;) I'm glad Finn is enjoying soccer, no matter what the reason is! fun times!