Friday, August 7, 2009

Lake Mary

We went hiking for FHE this weekend to Lake Mary. It was so beautiful. Finley did awesome. He walked the whole way up, even thru the last stretch that required us to wade thru a little creek uphill to get to the lake. Berlin had the best view, of course, up in her pack. I made her get in after she kept slipping on the first part of the hike that was a bit steep for her little legs. She was the best backseat hiker I could ask for. Her "keep hiking, keep hiking mommy," never got old. She loved all the flowers and had to hold one in each hand at all times. Ryan was even moved to song as we hiked through the flowers and trees. I have no idea what he was singing as it was in German, but it was so appropriate - very "Sound of Music"-ish. A fabulous way to spend our family night together.

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Emily said...

Looks gorgeous! You guys are going on some really cool hikes lately!