Thursday, August 20, 2009

Livin' it up while the good weather lasts

The fact that Summer is over has really made me sad. With the long Spring that we had, and what appears to be an early Fall (we've totally had Fall weather the past couple weeks - perfect weather that is), I fear that Winter may soon be here before I know it. And that realization is freakin' me out. So I decided that we would do everything possible to enjoy the outdoors while we still can.

Wednesday morning we went to Thanksgiving Point to visit the Barn, ride ponies, and chillax on the wagon ride. The kids were all giggles when the baby calves came over to eat their shirts & shorts, especially when they got a hold of my shorts. That apparently was even funnier. Finn loved feeding the pigs corn, while Berlin couldn't get enough of the horses. Berlin was a bit unsure of the pony ride at first, but she ended up loving it and even named her pony, "Pony Pony" (so original huh). After that she kept begging to ride a horse. I said, "Boo, you already rode a horse," to which she replied/sassed back, "That was a pony! I want to ride a horse NOW." Oh the truth of it all. How could I dispute what she was saying. Unfortunately, she'll have to wait until our next visit to ride the bigger horse (pony).

Finn, all pensive on the wagon ride.

Not sure what happened on this shot, but I love Berlin in this
picture. Too bad it's all washed out.

Hooray for baby bunnies!

Hardened criminals doing time in the Utah Territorial Jail.

Feeding a very tired goat some hay (alfalfa).

Feeding some chickens corn kernels.

Finn's reaction when I told him we were going to get 2 chickens next spring,
and that he could help me feed them and gather their eggs..."Uhhh, yeah right Mom."

Berlin having 2nd thoughts about riding the pony.

Finn LOVING that he gets to ride his pony all by himself, with absolutely no help from me.

Moments like these are priceless and I'm glad we were able to create some great memories today. Tomorrow I think we'll hit the zoo and MAYBE (fingers crossed) we'll get to see a glimpse of our new baby elephant, but for sure the new baby giraffe, baby snow leopard, baby tamarin twin monkeys, baby black footed cat, and the baby meerkats & prairie dogs! We just love seeing all the new baby animals that our zoo has been blessed with this year.

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Sara said...

We were just there last weekend and the baby meerkats are soooo adorable (they were my favorite)...and mama elephant was in labor. Have fun tomorrow!