Friday, August 14, 2009

Hodge Podge

This post is a hodge podge of things that went on in July (sorry, it's long ... what can I say, we've been busy).

July wrapped up our Summer swim lessons. Berlin hated it while Finn loved every moment and ended up doing 3 summer sessions (5 weeks) in all. He loves to go under water, jump into the pool, do cannon bobs (rapid bobbing in the water), and trying to float on his own. He loves to go in the deep-end with his life-jacket on and practice his strokes. It's amazing how different he is in the water this summer compared to last year. We'll start him up again in the Fall just to keep him going thru the Winter, but we took a break to have some fun before preschool starts next month.

Video of Finn playing around in the pool before his class starts ...

In July, Ryan's sister Monica was in town from Baltimore. I didn't get to see her very much as it happened to be the same time my family was in town for my brother's wedding, but the one night that I was able to get together with everyone, we went to Bouncin' Off the Walls for Ryan's nieces' (Alia) bday party. These are the few pictures I was able to snap of the kids in action. Plus a couple fun videos.

Ryan and I also took the kids to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. Considering this is UT, I would the say the Aquarium was ok. It's super small, and not a ton of stuff is there. I guess I'm just used to the awesome aquariums in California, all of which are located on the beach and in the actual habitat that I think an aquarium should be in. But the kids enjoyed it and there were no crowds (literally like 2 other families were there with us). My favorites were the very active Octopus and the Jellyfish glow tanks.

I have a couple cute video snippets from these activities (and a few others) on our flip mini that I'll try and get uploaded in a separate post later.

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Mama Bear said...

I just have to say your swimming pool looks super fun...and you are awesome for being willing to watch K for me next monday!! XOXO