Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hiking Around

Ryan loves to hike. I love to hike. "So why don't we hike more?" we asked ourselves this past weekend.

Probably because we are so tired by the time the weekend rolls around that we find ourselves being lazy. But we've decided that it's time to start exploring the trails that are right here in our backyard. On Saturday we went up Millcreek with my sister Becky and her twin girls, and my sister Valerie. We did the Big Water Little Water trail. The drive up the canyon was gorgeous. Finley was a trooper and walked most of the way (on the way down Ryan had to carry him on his shoulders a bit). Berlin was determined to walk, but after about 10 minutes of the slowest paced walking I've ever seen, it got boring. I'm glad that she wants to walk, but she's so little that it takes us forever to make progress as she stops to touch and look at everything. Thus, I made her get in the pack (much to her dismay) and I carried her while she cried and then fell asleep. We didn't go the whole way up as my sister and her girls were waiting for us in the parking area, but it was nice to get out with the kids and enjoy the scenery and all the beautiful butterflies. And Bentley enjoyed being able to roam the trail off-leash.


Emily said...

What a beautiful hike!

Sugar & Spice said...

Looks so fun, we need to get motivated to do a family hike!!!