Sunday, February 15, 2009

Guitar Hero - you ROCK!!!

For vday I gave Ryan Guitar Hero for the Wii. It is SOOOOO much fun!

I'll admit, ever since my college days of going to concerts and punk & ska shows with my gal pals, I've had a secret desire to be a hot base or guitar playing chick. Guitar Hero, you have fulfilled that silly adolescent dream. I am now the lead guitar & base in a band called The Sour Cherries and according to Guitar Hero, I rock. I also moonlight in a new start-up band called The Tea Party. We are just working out some kinks with the drummer, but don't worry, we'll be rockin' it in a venue near you sooner than later.

And I'm sure if you were standing in my living room watching me (probably from the floor where you landed when you fell off the couch with laughter at the sight of me trying to rock it), you would agree that it is a riot.

Finley and Ryan getting down Sunday after church.


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