Friday, February 6, 2009

good deals

So I don't normally spread news about a good deal, because I really don't find that many. But this past few weeks have sent some screamin' deals my way ....
1. Garanimals cotton pants/leggings with lace trim. They are super affordable at $3.50, but I was surprised when they rang up for $1 that I had to go back and get a pair of black, grey, white, and pink for Berlin thru 4T. I just washed them today and they held up nicely (good sign for Wal*mart right). So for those of you with girls 6 mos - 5T be sure to check them out. They are perfect for the spring/summer.

2. Radio Flyer classic lights & sounds tricycle. Finley is getting this for his Bday in April (yes, I know, he should be getting a big boy bike, but he has to be 100% completely potty-trained for it and we aren't even close). Besides, he's never had a trike either, so he'll get this. They are $59 everywhere online and at the Target store. Walmart right now has a bunch of them on sale for $21 in both pink and red. I was almost tempted to get one for Berlin too. But I figured that once Fin is potty-trained, he'll prefer the big boy bike to the trike thus ending up with Berlin anyway.
LAND OF NOD:  Usually I just dream about buying something from this place, but for the first time I was actually able to do so. They marked down some of their vegetable storage bins for kids and I bit the bullet and bought some for all our toys. I already have 2 large ones and 2 small ones in the antique white that I got from TJ Maxx, but I've never been able to find more. So when these went on clearance I got them. Color selection is limited though. Luckily the tomato red worked for me. And if you google Land of Nod coupon you should be able to find a current Free Shipping code. These are the best storage bins ever (in my humble opinion).

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