Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Birthday Festivities

Berlin woke up to a couple presents to help get her special day started. What could be better than balloons, new dishes for breakfast, candy for waiting til it was ready, and a fun birthday apron to wear all day.  We went to the children's museum in the afternoon and then headed over to Build-a-Bear. 

It's our tradition that when you turn 2 you get to go to Build-a-Bear. Berlin chose the shaggy dog along with some Hello Kitty jammies. When Ryan and I asked her what her puppy's name was she said, "Kitty!" We thought we heard her wrong and asked her like 3 more times, but Kitty it was. So she is now the proud owner of a dog named Kitty who wears Hello Kitty jammies. 

Next we took the kids to dinner. We asked Berlin what she wanted for dinner and she kept saying, "Chicken nuggets, pizza, and corn dog." Finley agreed upon a corn dog, so corn dogs it was. And there's no better place then Hot Dog on a Stick. It was her first time having mustard, and she wanted ALL of it (notice the tray of it she took from Ryan and placed in front of her.) I love the mustard mustache. 

Then we came home and she got to open her presents. She ripped thru all of them at once, not even stopping to look at the actual gifts. Then, once everything had been opened & the tissue paper thoroughly shredded, she went back to the gifts and began enjoying them. She got this darling Tinkerbell Precious Moments from Gma Leach that she would have slept with if we'd let her. Luckily, we were able to finally convince her that Tinkerbell would be more comfortable on her shelf. The one consoling thing was that she could wear her new Tinkerbell nightgown to bed (which she refused to take off for almost 3 days).

She's had so much fun playing dress-up in her new princess outfits. She wears one, if not two (sometimes all three) in a day. The first thing she says when her new dress is on is, "I go look in mirror momma." She has to see how pretty she looks before she can start playing.  And she and Fin have had a tea-party everyday since Friday. I love it when they play together like this. 

My favorite gifts ... (1) the blanket my mom crocheted, and (2) the white wicker buggy that I found at TJ Maxx. She LOVES this and has even climbed in herself to see how comfy it is. She was not happy when Ryan told her to get out. It had an ugly pink/white/green 80's plaid liner, so I took it apart and used the unstitched pieces for my pattern. I chose a fun Amy Butler print in brown/teal/cream and then made a coordinating pillow, patchwork chenille blanket, and a padded chenille mattress for the inside. I am VERY happy with the way it turned out. Even her old baby doll got a new outfit & hat that I made out of some scrap fleece. It made staying up 'til 4 am worth it (that's what happens when I procrastinate).

(The mushroom fairy cake is from her bday celebration at Grandma Lynne's house with all of Ryan's family.)


Celeste said...

SOOOO fun! I LOVE the basket with all the parts you made - you are so dang talented! She's such a doll!

Shelby said...

Wow! Where do I start? Berlin is such a cutie and I think she and her brother are looking so much alike!! I love the princess looking in the mirror photos, sipping her tea, her in her new crocheted blanket (beautiful), and her awesome new buggy. It is so great. Well, looks like you had a huge success for a 2nd birthday! I'll have to remember some of these ideas. How do you like the PB chairs?? xoxo and hope Disneyland is a blast!

Hoopesfam4 said...

Love the pics...I am soooo missing you guys right now. I really wish I had been able to get to CA while you were down. I hope Boo had a WONDERFUL birthday, and I hope you enjoyed Disneyland and your time down in So Cal. Love you all!!