Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall Favorites

There are so many things that I love about Fall that make it my favorite season. I love the weather, the scent of the air, the changing of the leaves, the raking & crunching of leaves on the ground, and more. With such nice weather it's been great getting the kids outside. We've been weeding flowerbeds, planting bulbs, raking leaves, picking up sappy pineones (ok - NOT my favorite), removing ivy from the side of the house, etc.

I also love Fall because it means it's CANNING season, which I love. For whatever reason, canning makes me feel like the domestic diva that I'm really not. I wasn't sure I'd get around to canning peaches this year just having moved and all, but Ryan's sister invited me to help can peaches from her Father-in-Laws tree, so last Tuesday I went down to Orem with the kids. Not only did they turn out great, but it got me wanting to can more. So last Friday, I packed the kids into the car and drove up to Perry (Brigham City) to pick up some pickling cucumbers for a batch of Ryan's mom's German pickles. These were such a hit last year that I knew I had to do more. Seriously, once you've had these German pickles, you'll never want grocery store pickles again. With Peaches & Pickles now done, I'm hoping to get around to doing some home-made applesauce using the apples from our apple tree. And if I'm reallly ambitious (and if I can find the fruit) I really want to do some Pears. All I can say is THREE CHEERS FOR FALL!!!

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Mama Bear said...

I can not wait to sample the bounty of your canning efforts - and you are sooo a Domestic Diva - at least way more than me, which is a lot!!!