Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm BACK!!!!!

It's official - the house sold & officially closed 2 weeks ago. I have been at Bear Lake the past 2 weeks with the kids and finally got back in town today (pics of our stay to come later). However, the painting, carpeting, and bathroom re-surfacing are still not done in the old house, we are still unable to reside there. Well, Ryan has been there the past 2 weeks on a mattress in the basement (aka Bat Cave). All I can say is I'm glad that Ryan doesn't have a job that requires him to be gone from the home. Two weeks without him was TORTURE!!!

It feels so good to be home, even if home right now is the Hotel Monaco in downtown SLC where we will be thru Sunday a.m. and then it's off to Park City for 3 more nights at a cheap hotel. Hopefully, come Wednesday we'll be able to move into the house - despite Finley's tears and not wanting to live at daddy's house. He isn't digging the whole new home thing. I'm hoping it will be better once we are moved in and he is in his bedroom (painted the same Silver Sage color as his old room) with familiar toys and his bed. Here's to hoping right.

Ryan has been working his little tale off at the house and I saw it this afternoon and it looks amazing different - in a very wonderful way I must add. The paint colors we picked turned out beautiful on the walls and the house just feels so much cleaner - sterile. I can't wait to post the before & after pics on the blog later this week.

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