Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Playing catch-up

I have no idea where the time has gone, but here are some pics from the last 4 weeks of our lives. We've been at Bear Lake for 2 weeks (and had a friend and 2 of her girls come keep me company for a couple days), went to Hogle Zoo, the Children's museum, played in Park City (shopped at the outlets & played at the parks mostly), did the SLC downtown scene at Temple Square and the Farmer's Market, walked the grounds of the Logan Temple, and more. And during this time Berlin decided it was ok for me to put her hair in piggies, thus, the gratuitous (but so dang cute) pics of her new hairstyle that she sports most days.

It's kinda strange to think that summer is officially over and Fall is here. But hey, HOORAY for Fall!!! It's my favorite season and the leaves are already changing up the canyons - which I just love. Of course, Fall means that soccer season is back and Finley had his first game last night (Go Panthers!). He wanted nothing to do with playing the first half because the sun was in his eyes. But then he perked up once the field was shaded and played the entire 2nd half of the game. They even won! (he's #6 in the bottom pic).


Shelby said...

Cute photos. Sounds like you guys have been up to A LOT!! Wish I was one of those friends up in Bear lake with you! Let's chat soon . .. I want to hear about the move, etc.

Love Berling's piggies and that darling big brother of her's!!

Ben said...

you've got two darling kids. Fin is a good older brother, to hold Boo's hand at the Logan Temple. Adorable.

HoopesFam4 said...

Such cute pictures...such cute kids. It looks like you had a busy 4 weeks - what a great way to end your summer! We wish we were closer to our cousins - the girls would have a blast playing together!