Saturday, September 6, 2008

Celebrity Sighting

Ok, maybe not starstruck, but impressed none-the-less. This morning Ryan and I got the kids ready to go to the farmer's market downtown and were riding the tiny elevator (with our empty stroller) down to the lobby (we are staying in the Hotel Monaco) when it stopped and 3 women came jumped in with us. One woman was so friendly and just chatted with us about our kids. Here's the conversation (not exact - but pretty close):

Woman: Oh look how cute your kids are. She is so little. She doesn't even look like she should be walking. How old is she?

Me: She's 18 months old.

Woman: Oh, she's just a tiny thing then.

Me: yep. She's our itty bitty. Her brother on the other hand - he's 3, was always tall for his age. But that's the way it should be right - tall guys and little girls.

Woman talking to one of her friends/assistants: She's little like you.

Woman again: Look how cute her pigtails are.

Me: See Berlin, if you had ridden in the stroller instead of walking we wouldn't have been so squished.

Woman smiling: Cause she's really taking up so much room as is.

All of us: (Laugh)

Elevator stops and we all get off in the lobby. As they are walking in front of us I'm about to say "That's Cindy Crawfords long lost sister Susan," but Ryan beats me to the punch saying, "How about Susan Crawford there." (we are so on the same wavelength). But as we get to the lobby I turn and look at him and say, it IS Cindy Crawford. She was picked up in an escalade by some RC Willey reps. When I saw them, I knew it was her since she has her home line with them. Apparently, she was doing a store appearance at the RC Willey in SLC from 1-2pm.

Funny thing is that as we were all getting off we let the women go first and Finley cut off Cindy Crawford and of course I say, "buddy, we should let the women get out first." So he cuts her off again trying to get back into the elevator. Pretty funny.

I have to say that I was so impressed with how nice and sincere she was in chatting with us on the elevator. Another thing I noticed, she is UBER skinny & tall. More so than I thought she was. As Napolean Dynamite would say, "LUCKY!"


valerie said...

shut up shut up shut up - that is pretty freaking cool - and of course she would comment on berlin's pigtails - they are freaking adorable! you guys are the lucky ones to have such cute kids!

Shalyse said...

seriously SO cool!!! I'm glad that she was so nice, that makes her even that more cool! :-)

Matt, Dina, and Kids said...

Hi Ren! WOW! Cindy Crawford! How cool is that. Hope all goes well with the move. The kids are cute!