Friday, March 7, 2008

Movie night in a tent

As a child I remember making tents and forts out of blankets and chairs with my sisters. Sometimes we'd even make them between our beds in the room. No matter how they were made they were often a perfect spot for playing dolls, reading, listening to music, etc. Ryan was also the same way as a kid, though his blanket forts were much more intense than mine. So when Finley wanted to build a tent who were we to say no. Ryan actually did all the work and he (they) built a fine tent using the TV Armoire and couches so that they could watch a movie under it. After multiple re-do's (Finley thought the blankets looked like giant slides and thus attempted to slide down them, resulting in a couple hard falls and some sad tears) success was had and they watched a Wallace and Grommit movie underneath. These are some of the pictures of the night.


Shelby said...

Cute! Ellie loves these, too. See we would have so fun living by each other with kids so close in age. Not fair!

AJ, Shauna and Keegan said...

I loved making those tents as kids...especially on Sunday when there were limited activities that we could do. I can't wait until Keegan is old enough to make them with me. Maybe I'll start making them with him now, so he'll want to do it on his own later. We'll see.