Friday, March 28, 2008

From the Mouths of Babes ...

or in this case Finley. This happened a few weeks ago and I'd been meaning to post it because it was too funny not too, but then Finn did it again today so I had to put it out there.

Finley got a new book a couple weeks ago about the planets and the solar
system called, "There's no place like space." So Ryan was reading the book to Finley before bedtime and they were reading about all the planets and their unique characteristics. Ryan finished reading about Neptune and proceeded on to Uranus. Finley waited until Ryan was done reading the page and blurts out, "Hey daddy, that's Uranus & Myanus. Look! Daddysanus and Myanus" over and over and over again - all the while pointing back and forth between the 2 planets on the facing pages. Ryan just looked at me and we started laughing so hard. If Finley only knew how truly funny he was - he's like 10 years ahead of his time. We'd been working on "You, yours, me & mine" earlier in the month (mostly to help him get the point that everything isn't always his). And I think his little mind was telling him that Uranus literally was his and so he wanted Ryan to have one to. Aaaaah. The sweet and simple innocence of children.

He did the same thing again today as we were reading together during quiet time, this time it was, "Mommysanus & Myanus." I am so glad to have been included and that I too now have my own planet.

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