Monday, June 4, 2012

Track & Field

I like running. I would like my children to like running too. So I signed Finley up for the Track and Field program through the Millcreek Rec Center. Finley wasn't too optimistic about it, but his friend signed up as well, so he was hoping for the best. He was up bright and early and in a good mood, until he got there and realized he had to run the whole time. Then he got grumpy. I will blame it on the heat, because even at 8:30 in the morning, it was freakin' hot.

His group did long distances today. On Wed he gets to do the short distances/sprints. Here is his finishing his last run of the morning. I wanted to cheer him on, but none of the other moms were doing it, and since I didn't want to embarrass him I just kept my mouth shut. He's a cutie. 
Finley is the 2nd runner.
Needless to say he hated it. All of it. And he made it very clear to me. Oh well. He has 6 more weeks ( it's three times a week, plus 4 meets) that he will have to endure. 

Here's Berlin enduring the heat of the morning from the sideline. She was a trooper too.

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