Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finn's 1st Track Meet

Last night was Finley's first Track Meet. It was up at Skyline High School. The closer it got to 5pm the more nervous I he got. He wasn't so sure he wanted to go, but I told him that if he tried his best and ran his hardest, then we could get a Slurpee afterward. That seemed to work pretty well. He told me he would be second or third, but not first or last. Ok - how's that for a plan! He ran fast and was second in his heat and he did his best in all 3 events he chose to do (the can choose up to 3 to compete in): 50 Meter Dash (because he wanted the shortest one - hah!), shot put, and long jump. We are so proud of him. With 3 weeks under his belt and one meet, I think he is feeling a little more confident in himself and I love seeing that. I love this kid so much!

Here he is at the starting line for the 50 m dash. This was his first event.

Here is the video of the race ...

Here is a video of one of his 3 long jumps ...

I have video of the shot put, but it's way too long to upload. But he did great. Here is a picture of him at Shot put practice the day before.

He likes shot put, but on the way home he asked, "Mom, why do they have to use such a heavy ball for shot put? Don't they know there are lighter ones to make it easier?"  I was laughing so hard all I could say was, "Yes dear, they know there are lighter ones!"

Even Ryan and Berlin were troopers. The meet started at 5 pm and we didn't finish until 8. The sad part is that the first 2 events, the 50 m dash and shot put were over in an hour. The other 2 hours we spent waiting for Finley to get his turn at the long jump. Sitting for 2 hours in the heat all for 3 jumps - it was excruciating! But in the end, we all got Slurpee's and Slurpee's make all that's wrong right again.

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