Monday, June 25, 2012

Girl's Night Out

Ryan took Finley to our Stake's Father & Son outing this weekend. It was the first one they've gone to. So while the guy's gone were away, the girl's went out to play. I asked Berlin what she wanted to do and her reply was ... play hungry hungry hippo, walk to the park, run through the sprinklers, and watch "A Little Princess." Check, check, check and check! We did all of it and it was so much fun.

Here she is playing on the playground. She is such a funny little girl. I loved chatting with her on our walk to the playground. She had the funniest things to tell me and I laughed a lot.

Playing hopscotch.

Hanging from the bars.

Walking the wavy balance beam. She wobbled about half-way but was able to stay on and regain her balance. She is so funny with her expressions.

The next morning we went to the SLC Downtown Farmer's Market, got pastries for breakfast, bought fresh snap peas, squash, and zucchini, walked around all the fun craft booths, sampled fresh kettle corn, looked at the gazillion dogs (Berlin finally stopped counting after 31), chatted with Ryan's cousin at Siegfried's food booth and ordered up some brawts for lunch. YUM! 

Before heading back Berlin had to hula-hoop at the hula booth. She loves this spot and I had to drag her away. Was tempted to get her a hula-hoop until the gal said they were $20. Um, never mind.

So we headed back home to see Ryan and Finley who had just gotten back from this ...

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