Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Twirly, Girly Girl

One of my projects this month has been cleaning off my sewing table which has been sitting neglected with lots of unfinished projects. But no more! On Saturday and Sunday I completed almost everything (and of course started a few more things - I just can't help it!).  One of the items I made was this skirt for Berlin. She wore it the minute I finished it Sunday afternoon and all day Monday. I love when she likes what I make her, it makes it all worth it.

All dolled up, new hair-clip & all. The best surprise was that she asked me to curl her hair! If you know Berlin she HATES having me do her hair. So sponge rollers overnight and wah-lah. She's a cutie to boot if I do say so myself. And, she's been standing in front of the mirror all morning admiring herself. I love it. 

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