Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Video Smorgasbord

When I finally uploaded the content from my Flip camcorder to the computer the other day, I realized that half the stuff on it was from last year. Yep. I have stuff from Winter 2010...sad. So this post if just going to be a bunch of videos from the past few months...

This is Berlin's Dance Recital in May 2011. She is on the very end. She was so very cute and had been practicing her arabesque's at home forever it seems. Of course, once on stage, she looked over and saw Aunt Valerie and got all sorts of distracted. Very cute.

This is Finley at his Kindergarten Program. They had to perform a talent. All week long we had talked about him showing his composition book which is full of pictures (seen here). He animated/drew all 6 star wars movies and had started on a new one - the 7th episode. But he got nervous and decided he'd rather sing a song. So he drew a picture of stars and sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Of course, the microphone died on him so he's very quiet. 

This video shows Finn's class singing at the parent program. This was his big number...he's the middle sun. This video makes me giggle. I love his little moves.

Here's one of the kids singing on Christmas Eve. We celebrate Christmas Eve together with his side of the family every year and the kids all put on little performances. Ever since Peter's passing, we usually have it at his sister Teresa's house. It's such a fun tradition to be a part of.

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