Monday, April 18, 2011

Chillin' at home

I'm a homebody - nothing new, and lately we've just been chillin' out at home after school is over and in between tumbling, dance, soccer and playdates. In all honesty, I love these "down" days, they are good for me. There's nothing like watching your kids put their imagination to use. Here's what we've been doing in our down time:

Building a house/restaurant (Shivers)/cabin/grocery store/castle/tent out of an old box. I have been cleaning out our storage room and making LOTS & LOTS of piles of baby clothes, toys, etc. for DI, family &  friends. This wardrobe box was leftover from when we moved into this house. I was just going to toss it but Finley kept asking to hide in it and surprise Berlin (after watching it done on Funniest Home Videos). So I ended up giving it to the kids.  They have had so much fun coloring on it and playing inside.

 ready for work
getting in the car
 checkin' out his kid meal toy

 Berlin can always be found practicing her dance moves - the arabesque is her favorite.


Finley loves to draw and when I can't find him (or it gets too quiet) I can usually find him here. He is currently working on illustrating all the Star Wars movies. And I have to say, he's doing a pretty good job so far. Can you tell which movies these are from and who the characters are?


Finley has also been writing stories at home. His Kindergarten Teacher is really encouraging them to write sentences and stories to help them practice their writing & sounding out skills - spelling of course is not important. Here's the latest one ...

"Read this story. I went to the factory and I will tell you what the factory's name was. The factory's name was the candy store. I ate all of the candy. When I got to my house I had a tummy-ache and I had to go to the dentist. I felt better. I repented to Jesus and Heavenly Father."

Does it get any better than this? I don't think so. It's perfectly perfect in every way.

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