Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hogwarts Birthday Adventure

Finley finally got his birthday party this past week. It was only 2 months late, but better late than never. I kept telling him it had to be outside, but with the crazy LONG WET & COLD winter we had, it didn't happen in April, or even May. So this last week we finally celebrated with a Harry Potter party. 

(NOTE: Please do NOT copy or use these pictures without permission. Ryan and I worked really hard on this so please don't post elsewhere without letting us know first. Thanks!)

Ryan did a FANTASTIC job on the invitations. Look how cool they are. I told him what I wanted and he exceeded my expectations (as always). Every ticket had a different number and the owl stamps were extremely realistic looking. On the back is the Hogwarts Crest and underneath the ticket is a picture of the Hogwarts Express train. Ryan's awesome. Marrying a Graphic Designer comes in handy sometimes :)

I made a bunch of house banners & crests & pennants, a Honey Dukes candy shop, an Owlery, a Platform 9 3/4 wood sign, and all sorts of stuff. Easy, but very time-consuming.

The Owlery...

I got 3 of the cutest little owls from Michael's (all a bit different) for the Owlery. The barn was the perfect spot and I had them in the window ledge, over the barn door and perched on the rain-gutter. I had to go back three times so I could use my 50% off coupons. Kinda silly, but TOTALLY worth it. They looked ridiculously real and the kids couldn't stop looking at them. And now I can use them with our Halloween decor.

When they got to the house they waited on the Platform 9 3/4 for their ride into Hogwarts. Ryan picked the kids up in the Madsen bike and rode them back to the field. Once there they reached into the sorting hat to pick their houses (temp tattoos of each house crest). Then they got their capes and went on the Golden Snitch Seek (scavenger hunt) where they had to find their school supplies (wands, lightening bolt tattoos, spell books, potion packets, and locate the Golden Snitch). 

Then they went to class. Here's how their class schedules went:

1. Dueling Dragons ... They each had to assemble a foam dragon glider, then see who could throw it the farthest.

2. Potions Class (Mentos Soda Rockets & Pop Rocks) ... Ryan used Dragons Blood, Basilisk Venom (both diet coke), Hippogriff Saliva (diet sprite), and Unicorn Tears (diet sierra mist). The mentos were baby dragons teeth.

After the potion fountains, the kids ate their pop-rocks, made their own potions by putting the pop-rocks in the remaining soda bottles, or both. Funny thing, the kids actually drank the soda flavored with pop-rocks. YUCK! Kids will try anything!

3. Spells ... Here they are in front of the Owlery just after the scavenger hunt. They are practicing their spell casting abilities. 

Each kid got this spell book on the scavenger hunt. Now they can learn lots of spells and practice them on their siblings (or parents)!

4. Quidditch Tournament ... What would a Harry Potter party be without a Quidditch match? Um, definitely not a party! The beach balls were the bludgers and the soccer ball was the quaffle. Each team got 2 minutes to try and score (kick the soccer ball into one of 3 hula hoops hanging on the grapevine) while the other team chucked the bludger beach balls at them. It was a riot and they took this VERY seriously. 

5. Defense Against the Dark Arts ... After Quidditch they cooled down with a water balloon fight. Sorry not a ton of pics, I was too busy trying to stay dry.

6. Care of Magical Creatures ... Each Muggle had the opportunity to feed a treat to our fierce creature and then pet him. Most were brave and took the challenge and did great.

7. Finally... refreshments in the Great Hall and the present opening ceremony.

As the parents picked up their little wizarding muggles, the kids got to go on a candy spree in the Honey Dukes candy shop. Pretty sweet!


 Finley had a great time, as did Ryan and I. Thanks heavens that once my kids turn 6 they only get friend birthday parties on 'even' years. Phew! Because this party was definitely the most intense party I have ever done for the kids, or in my life actually. But it was such a blast and watching the kids have so much fun made it all worth it. 

Here's to a happy year 6 for Finley!


hoopesfam4 said...

You and Ryan are seriously the BEST.PARENTS.EVER. Hands down.

Such a cool party...and totally worth the wait. So glad the kids had such a fun time!!

Amazing Bats! Treasure Hunt said...

everything looks so awesome and fun!!!Glad to see your son had a good time! I'm having a giveway you can see it here if your interested: Scavenger Hunt

Sugar & Spice said...

Super fun!
Glad it is over.. (for your sake...) :-)

Mama Bear said...

What an amazing party and well worth the wait I am sure. You and Ryan Far exceeded yourselves on this one!! Loved the pics and now I am just wondering if I can hire you both out :0

valerie said...

seriously - stop raising the freaking bar so high - my future kids will be lucky if i remember their birthdays!

Emily said...

Coolest party ever!!! You and Ryan did an amazing job putting it all together. It looks perfect!!!