Thursday, June 30, 2011

What a man, what a man, what a mighty mighty man...

Yeah, that's right, I just busted out some TLC. It's probably the only line of any of their songs I remember. Obviously wasn't a huge fan. But we did celebrate Ryan this past month and yes, he is a pretty great man in our eyes. 

He is an amazing father. He makes it a point to be involved in the kids lives. They love to call him whenever something important, fun, or amazing happens. From playing Barbies with Berlin, to legos and video games with Finley, coaching soccer, and taking them to the RSL soccer games.  Ryan is definitely the FUN parent (Or so I have been told. I guess I am just the boring mom who makes them clean their rooms, clear their plates and do homework *smile* ). He is such a good example of the importance of working hard, playing hard, and being a good person. The kids absolutely love him.

We celebrated Father's Day a week early this year. I had gotten an hotel downtown for our anniversary and decided to add an extra night onto our stay so the kids could join us and celebrate Father's Day doing fun things. We swam in the hotel roof-top pool, went to Temple Square, played in the Church History Museum children's room, went to dinner, and stayed up late watching a movie in the hotel room. It was a great way to celebrate Dad. 

Here are the kids as they played at the Church History Museum.

Primary Song DJ Mix-master F 

Berlin spent the entire hour we were there dancing to the Latin music.  

Thanks for being such a great Dad!

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