Friday, September 10, 2010

The ups & downs of school

With two weeks of Kindergarten under our belt, here are a couple of things we love & some we don't ....

Thumbs UP:
The best thing ever just might be morning kindergarten.  SHOCKER huh. But, in all honesty, getting up at 6:45 hasn't been all that bad. In fact, it's been great. After walking Finn to Kindergarten I usually keep walking for another hour. And by the time I get home, I still have a couple hours to run errands before I have to walk back over and get him. My days are definitely more productive and I'm lovin' it.

Oh, and I finally got a cute pic of him in front of the school (due to Ryan's concern I edited the school name).

Thumbs DOWN:
Finley had his first visit to the nurse's office last week. Apparently he got pushed down pretty hard at recess and split his knee open pretty good. Because there was blood, he had to go to the office. He was not loving the cleanser they put on the knee nor the band-aid. Of course, he's tried to milk his wound for all he can get, "Mom, I think McDonald's is one of the things that will help me be happy today."

Thumbs UP:
Finley loves going to school with some of the best kids ever! It's like having a play-date every day! Here he is lining up with his buddy W.


Thumbs DOWN:
Me: Finn, how do you like Kindergarten?
F: It's long, and the playground is stupid!

Apparently Finley hates the playground. I guess the kindergarten kids have to stay in a certain area where there are no swings, no slides, nothing really to be honest. Just an old metal dome, an old metal caterpillar, and an old metal monkey bar. These things were around well before Ryan went to school there, so they are easily 30 + years old. Seriously? No wonder Finn said recess was "stupid".

Thumbs UP:
Getting to have a back-to-school party with friends, a bounce house, bubbles, popsicles, food, and 2 piƱatas full of candy goodness.

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hoopesfam4 said...

Love the thumbs up/thumbs down comparison...definitely gives us some things to look forward to next year! Hope the rest of the year continues to get more and more wonderful!!