Friday, September 17, 2010

Pears, maggots, and canning - oh my!

REWIND:  A few months ago I ordered 2 boxes of large pears from an orchard down in Orem (Stratton Fruit Growers) and I got them last weekend. They were still VERY green and I noticed that some had wormhole scars on the outside. "No big deal," I thought. I'm sure they sprayed or did whatever to avoid worm problems. That was the last I had thought about it.

FAST FORWARD: About 1/2 the pears are ripe enough to can today. After cutting 6 pears in a row, I begin to curse the orchard. Why? Because this is what my fruit bowl looked like. How many little white maggot/worms do you see? I'll tell you, 7! Ok then, scrap that 1/3 of the box. 

Don't believe me? See for yourself ... (warning, grossness is about to occur).

Some may say, oh, just cut around the bad part. I say - DISGUSTING! If it has any sort of worm or larvae in them, they are gone, chucked, disposed of, trashed. The whole thing! Seriously. Why would anyone think of using any part of a pear (or any fruit) knowing that it had a worm in it? Gross. Just plain GROSS. 

It's a good thing I really like canning. Cause let's be honest, 3 hours of canning to yield only 6 jars of not-so-tightly packed fruit is frustrating. Here's to hoping the other box is better.


Monica said...

Boo Stratford orchards! Especially when you ordered in advance and were all ready to go! That's the worst!!!

Mama Bear said...

I feel the same way about some peaches I ordered from the co-op. Grossed out and disgusted. I was all set to try and be "Mrs. Canner-Peach-Freezer-Jam-Maker-Extrodinare and the peaches were rotting from the pit out and mushy. Sooooooo gross!!

I hope your 2nd box is maggot free!!

Sugar & Spice said...

Wow- how disappointing!
The ones in the jars look gorgeous though!

Emily said...

Yikes!!! You must have a stomach made of steel! But at least you ended up with the best lookin' canned pears I've ever seen. :)